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The meat is dried following strict health and safety steps. There are some good reasons to eat beef jerky when you feel like having a snack between meals. Beef jerky contains fewer calories than many other snacks. Another benefit of eating beef jerky is that it’s made from raw beef instead of cooked beef. Raw meat is much easier to digest than cooked meat and the nutrients in the jerky will be absorbed quicker. If you can get nutrients into your body quickly you’re going to get the maximum benefit from them.

Our Jerky VS. Other Snacks

It’s low in fat and calories and packed with protein. It can help you recover faster, build more muscle and feel fuller throughout the day.

100% Natural BEEF

For our Jerky we selected the highest quality meat, because we value the natural taste.


Our jerky is handmade. This saves all the nutrients of the product.

No Colorants, No GMO and No MSG

Our jerky is marinated for a long time. We do not add any GMOs, MSGs or colorants. The meat we use is 100% whole muscle beef.

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